Ludiscope is an app and website that helps you find and plan video game events.

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What are events?

Events are future plans to enjoy games with other people. Whether it's playing, streaming, competing, or anything in between –– as long as it's got people and video games, it's an event.

Find Events

Find online and in-person events by game, play style, mic use, and start time.

Discover Games

Browse release dates, multiplayer info, trailers and more for over 15,000 games.

Join Clubs

Stay up-to-date with Club events and quickly find fellow members’ events.

Plan Events

Plan game nights with friends or public events to meet new gamers.

Make Gaming Eventful!

Now available on iOS and Android

Running a Club?

Click here to apply for a Ludiscope Club. If you’re approved, you’ll be able to use our special web tool to create and manage your Club page.